Probate Practice

As probate attorneys, we handle a variety of legal issues that concern estate planning for clients who wish to put their personal and financial affairs in order. We regularly arrange guardianships and powers of attorney for those who need to care for someone who is incompetent. We are also very experienced in handling and helping arrange the financial and personal affairs of those who have died.

Estate/Estate Administration

This involves administering Trusts, assets (including real estate that is payable on death), and estates (with and without Wills); handling estate taxes; providing guidance to Executors and Administrators; transferring title to assets; payment of debts and many other issues that must be addressed when a loved one passes on.

Estate Planning

This involves the drafting of Wills, Deeds, and/or Trusts; making assets payable or transferable on death; the transfer of assets during life; drafting Powers of Attorney, Healthcare Powers of Attorney, and/or Living Wills; setting up bank accounts, retirement funds, and investment portfolios; and/or arranging guardianships for those in need of assistance during their life.


This involves appointing a legal guardian to help manage the affairs of people who are legally incompetent, lack mental capacity, or demonstrate diminished mental capacity. We also assist in representing Wards (i.e., those who require the assistance).

POA and Healthcare POA

We can draft Powers of Attorney, which grant trusted individuals legal authority to help guide and oversee a person's financial and/or medical needs.


We can draft Trusts designed to protect and care for your assets and loved ones, both during and after your life.

Wills and Living Wills

We can draft Wills directing the distribution of your assets upon your death, as well as Living Wills, which instruct medical professionals and the legal system what medical treatment you desire if you are ever in a situation in which you are unable to express your desires personally.

Attorney(s) Practicing in Probate Practice

J. Michael Evans (of counsel)

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