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2) What is the name of the person whose Will, Trust, Assets, or Property is in dispute?


3) Does your legal dispute or issue involve a Will or a Trust? If yes:

    If your legal dispute or issue involves a Will, please answer the following:

    • Have you received a “Notice of Probate of Will? If yes, answer the following:

      • Are there Wills that preceded the Will being contested? If yes, answer the following:
        If your dispute or issue involves a Trust, please answer the following:

4) Cases regarding a Will or Trust involve disputes about someone’s assets. Common examples include real estate, checking and savings accounts, life insurance proceeds, investments (e.g., stocks, bonds, etc.), or other assets. Please provide a brief overview of the assets (along with the estimated value, if known) which are involved in the dispute:


5) Do you believe any assets or property were wrongfully hidden or transferred to others under circumstances that do not involve a Will or Trust? If yes, please answer the following:


6) Other Disputes:

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